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2A Aftermkt Armor

2A Bedliner Kit - Black

2A Bedliner Kit - Black

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2A Bedliner is a two component, UV resistant, textured bedliner. It is intended for cosmetic improvements to old trucks with deteriorated, scratched or scuffed up beds and to protect new truck beds from damage. When cured it provides a tough, flexible, mar resistant, water proof and solvent resistant coating.

What's in the box? This Kit includes:

  • 4 – Bedliner Part A
  • 1 – Activator Part B
  • 1 – Schutz Gun
  • 1 – 8 oz. Mixing Cup

Contents should cover a 5.5 foot short bed.

Technical Data Sheets/Product Application

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Install Instructions

Step 1

Surface Preparation

Wash surface with soap and water, rinse well and wipe dry. Degrease surface with solvent and wipe dry. Sand bare metal with 80-180 grit. Sand existing finishes with 220 grit. For improved durability user may want to use 2K Hi-Performance Acrylic Urethane Primer 6921 or Epoxy Primer 6131. Clean, prep and tack surface thoroughly before application.

Step 2

Application & Mixing

Mix Add 8 oz. of Activator using the enclosed mixing cup directly into the Bedliner Part A can. Once activated, add 4 oz. of mixed color (toners only, not activated or reduced) into the Bedliner Part A can. Close top and shake well to activate product. Once mixed, attach enclosed Schutz gun to the Bedliner Part A can. Product is ready for application.

Apply 2 coats using air pressure of 40 - 60 psi on the Schutz gun. First coat should be applied in a heavy wet pattern, second coat in a medium pattern and the third coat, if required, is sprayed away from the panel using a mist technique. Rolling Bedliner can be applied as a roll on bedliner. Note: Rolling may result in lower film builds and require additional coats. Pour activated product into disposable paint tray. Start by cutting in all the corners and hard to reach areas with a brush. Using a textured roller, apply slowly to the main areas using medium to light pressure. Allow up to 40 minutes to flash between coats. Clean Schutz gun immediately after product application using gun cleaner or solvent wash.

Step 3

Let It Dry

Flash for 20 - 45 minutes between coats. Can be force dried for 40 minutes @ 140°F (60°C) after a 30 minute flash time. Truck bed will be dry to touch after 16 hours. However, wait 2 - 3 days before light duty and 5 - 7 days before regular duty.